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Do you think that black people should get today's equivalent of forty acres and a mule from the US Government?
Gracious no! This would be an absolutely horrid idea. First, the idea behind 40 acres and a mule was that people with no education who had experience working the fields would have some means of supporting themselves. We have since moved from an agricultural economy, to manufacturing, and are now switching to service. Between me and my two parents we have 6 college degrees and canu2019t keep a rose bush alive for two winters. Giving me a mule would be a punishment, not a gift.Second, how do you adjust for America of today? Was 40 acres then now worth 100? Is an 1870 mule now worth a 1990 tractor? There are over 35 million blacks in America today. Do we have enough farm land and tractors/mules? If that much stuff were given away, wouldnu2019t that reduce the value to zero as 30 million tractors were sold on ebay all at once?Finally - the most important factor. WE WERENu2019T SLAVES! I am all for compensating the victims of crimes - and slavery was arguably the greatest crime ever committed by the US government. Slavery ended 150 years ago and the last slaves died during the Nixon administration. The idea of slavery makes me mad, but Iu2019ve never seen raw cotton outside of a museum. My female ancestors worked from Sunrise to Sunset toiling in the fields. Iu2019m a 39 year old man who got a pedometer from my job to make sure I get enough steps in everyday. It was illegal for my ancestors to read. I got a masteru2019s degree from a public university in the old confederacy with a full scholarship.Iu2019m not saying that slavery wasnu2019t wrong or that there arenu2019t still lingering effects of racism today - there are. Iu2019m simply positing that 40 acres and a mule wouldnu2019t solve those past problems - or eliminate the anger that many blacks feel over those problems.
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