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Instructions and Help about What is Donation Value Guide Spreadsheet

How do I idem eyes a donation to Goodwill a very good question most of you probably know that the charitable contributions that you make go right on your schedule a which is itemized deductions kind of right there in the middle of the form and let's go for if you if you give cash that's on that's one line of the form but if you give non-cash things like you contribute furniture or your old clothing or kids toys for example to Goodwill that is also included on Schedule A but if you have more than $500 of non-cash contributions you got to attach another form and whoever thought that the IRS would want us to attach another form well we all thought that in fact but the fullness you're actually going to need is Form 8283 on the title of the form is non-cash charitable contributions and again the that when you need this form is if your total contributions to the Salvation Army to Goodwill to your church any of those that are in the in total or five hundred dollars or more then you're going to have to complete this form and you can see here on the form that it's relatively easy the name of the organization that you gave the stuff to and then a description of the property there's a place down here to put the value of that property and most of that type of property is assumed to be donated at thrift store values so if you had a suit for example that you may have paid $200 for five years ago when you used to be really heavy now you're also belf because you've been working out and you donated that suit it's certainly not going to be worth the $200 that you paid for it so be real careful with the value that you allocate to that suit but using this form 8283 you can see it's relatively easy to fill out but if you end up with more than five hundred dollars fill out this form 8283 attach it right with your tax return the total from this form goes right on schedule a and you'll rewarded with the deduction of course for your charitable giving and it's certainly a great thing to do something and I know that's making them difference so so keep that up I like.


When I deduct items donated to charity on my tax return, what is the best way to value the clothing, household items?
The items are supposed to be valued at “fair market value” - which is usually interpreted as what you could sell the items for at a garage sale, or maybe what a thrift shop would sell them for. Obviously there is a big difference between these two values, and caution says to choose a realistic value, preferably on the mid to low side. You also have to take into condition the condition of the item, it’s desirability and marketability. The Salvation Army has a valuation guide, as does the Helping Hand of Goodwill.Be cautious of using too aggressive pricing. There is a product called “It’s deductible” which alleges to give market values to items. Don’t use it. The values are sometimes way out of whack, and a financial publication tested the product several years ago and found the values to be in excess of what new replacement items could be purchased for at some discount stores. Don’t rely on something that gives you inflated values which could be a flag for an IRS audit. Be conservative in valuation.
What is the best spreadsheet software?
Vote goes to Google Sheets. It has most of the key functions:Pivot Tables. Recently Google added the ability to change the labels in Pivot Tables. There’s also the ability to have calculated function.Functions i.e. VLookup, SumIf, Countif etc and much more.ChartsGoogle Sheets has the following benefits:Collaboration - Work with others at the same time on the same file. No more wondering who has the latest version of the file.Restore - Restore to an earlier version of the file. Great for recovering from mistakes.Secure - Since files are stored on the cloud, they can be accessed using Chromebook, PC or Android. Since it is a proprietary Google Suite format, no need to fear file corruption or ransomware.Unlimited Storage - Yes, you heard that right. See this for tips J Cheng's answer to How can I get more than 15GB storage free in Google Drive?Compatibility - No need to worry about whether collaborators have the right version of Excel. Just use any web browser to access and work.Free - That’s pretty hard to beat for all the great features and benefits :-)
What core values have guided your life?
The following Core Values that guide me to become a better person are:HonestyFrugalityFlexibilityHard-workingReliabilityMaturityThese are my personal core values that I applied to dream big without harassing other people.
Money in a bank account is also just numbers in a database.What makes money valuable is that everyone agrees that it belongs to you, and is willing to accept it as payment. That money represents the time and effort that was spent to earn it, and can be used to purchase other people's time, effort, and physical possessions.The Bitcoin protocol ensures that there is perfect agreement on who owns what at any point in time. It represents the computing power that was spent on maintaining the system. Hence, it has value.One difference, of course, is that money in a US bank is backed by the US government (up to a limit that the average person will never reach). That's about as safe as safe gets.Money stored as Bitcoin is more volatile, and there are no such guarantees.
I want to become excel spreadsheet consultant. Please guide me what to do to reach that level.
What's a good way to analyze a spreadsheet where some cells contain multiple values?
In Google Spreadsheets there is a Summary feature for forms that will analyze the responses in single cells automatically.  Go to: ToolsFormsShow a Summary of Responses.Another method outside of Google Spreadsheets would be to manually break the data into separate columns.  This can be a lot of work and how you go about the analysis has everything to do with the question and contents of the answers be they numeric or text strings.Instances of a specific text string can be counted using COUNTIF in combination with other basic spreadsheet functions. See examples here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/... If the Google spreadsheet summary isn't exactly what you were looking for, You can use COUNTIF and many other functions not available elsewhere.For instance, if your answers contain text answers, your spreadsheet can import data out on the internet in relation to the answers using Google functions like IMPORT and QUERY .If the answers are related to data in another Google spreadsheet, data can be pulled in from there.  Example: Question: Who is your favorite representative at our company?  Choices: Tom, Bill, Samantha, Harry, Pete.Answer: SamanthaThe spreadsheet can use a QUERY function to reference the company "Sales" spreadsheet and pull in Samantha's Weekly and Monthly sales Rank among the rest of the sales team. Or just pull in her approval ratings over the last month to see trends on a graph.
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